13 October 2021

An appeal decision issued last week (6 October) has confirmed former farmland in the Leicestershire village of Burbage can become a new housing development.

Davidsons Developments now has permission to build up to 135 new homes on land off Lutterworth Road, towards the village’s south-eastern edge. This is to include a complete mix of house types and at least 20% affordable homes.

Our director, Trevor Wells acted on behalf of the landowner. He said: “This is a prime example of an edge of settlement, well-connected, developable land parcel that is currently in high demand. This particular site also falls within the Burbage Neighbourhood Plan and will therefore help address Hinckley & Bosworth Council’s housing supply shortfall. We’re extremely pleased with the positive outcome from this appeal and encourage landowners with similar parcels, who may have yet to realise the true value of their assets, to get in touch.”