Knowing the value of your property or land is essential if you are considering buying or selling; if you require funding or finance; or are dealing with probate, company accounts or insolvency. Our team of three RICS Registered Valuers can undertake detailed and fully reasoned Red Book Valuations in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Our services include formal valuations for secured lending, accounts, divorce or probate as well as general valuation advice covering strategic reviews, development appraisals, portfolio management and taxation.


Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Our team has longstanding experience representing landowners’ or property occupiers’ interests when threatened with compulsory purchase. This includes negotiating on our clients’ behalf for compensation claims for loss of value, disturbance and loss of profits.

For those affected by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO), we recommend seeking professional advice as early as possible in order to stand the best chance of influencing the proposed route or location of the subject project.


Andrew McFarlane Holt

Renewables and Windfarms

We can provide advice on all aspects of renewable energy projects, from initial feasibility and planning to negotiating option agreements and lease terms with developers. We also work with Landowners to find the most appropriate renewable energy source for their circumstances, whether that be solar, wind, hydrological, ground source heat, renewable heat, or energy storage barns.



Our telecoms advisors have over 25 years’ experience providing advice for land and property owners who have telecommunication radio base stations, radio towers, rooftop installations or mobile phone masts on their land and buildings.

Our team can assist with all aspects of telecoms masts and their management, and has negotiated leases, licenses and wayleave agreements on behalf of many Midlands clients including individual land and business owners, landed estates, utility companies and commercial property businesses.