30 June 2022

As the UK workforce continues returning to the office, it has created an oversupply of available units so the question landlords should be asking is, what can they do to make their property stand out? Our director, Jason Hercock outlines where efficiencies can be made that will create more appealing and sustainable working environments…

“Understandably, energy is high on the news agenda as we’re all still adjusting to rising costs. The commercial property sector is no exception, and ‘being green’ has become a rising factor on the list of priorities from potential tenants – they want to see offices that are environmentally friendly and conducive to employee wellbeing. By considering low cost, seemingly small improvements, you can immediately increase the marketability of your property.

“For instance, many offices still have fluorescent lighting tubes. By switching these for modern LEDs, you immediately create a more attractive working environment as well as improving overall building performance and its EPC rating. Similarly, you could consider installing electric vehicle charging points or ensuring any outdoor space is well maintained and accessible. Neither of these will change efficiency but for potential tenants with an eye on sustainability or mental health, it could be the deciding factor.

“With so much competition in the market, particularly in town and city centres, your agent should be advising on the best techniques to remain distinctive. If we can help improve your property’s visibility, please get in touch.”