14 December 2022

As the year draws to a close, there inevitably follows a period of self-reflection. Whilst it’s tempting to focus on the achievements and accomplishments, don’t overlook the opportunities yet to be explored, advises our Director, Trevor Wells.

“For many in the property sector, Christmas represents a hard-earned break and chance to reset. However, before completely switching off it’s wise to think about what your goals and aspirations are for the New Year, especially when it comes to your next career move.

“I’m aware of many talented development surveyors who’ve used their Christmas break to consider their career options, ultimately resulting in moves to senior management or director-level roles. If you’re thinking about taking a step up in your career, have you considered where the best learning experience might come from? While a national or multi-office agency might be perceived as prestigious, the hidden career ceilings and route to promotion are likely to be more prohibitive than they first appear.

“An independent, specialist firm, like ours, can offer faster career progression (including equity possibilities), a director-led mentoring programme and the chance to work on deals and transactions with the same levels of complexity and prestige as any blue-chip consultancy.

“For instance, our planning and development team has recently completed multi-million deals now occupied by Jaguar Land Rover, Aldi, DPD, and Amazon (among others), and we have acted on behalf of numerous landowners, high net worth individuals, investors, farmers and trusts to deliver thousands of new homes across the Midlands. We’re also active in representing the principal landowner on a proposed new rail freight logistics centre.  

“If you’re reading this thinking perhaps it is time for a change and you’d like to get involved, then good news, I’m looking to recruit an experienced, ambitious surveyor to work directly alongside me as a future director designate of Wells McFarlane.

“So before you turn the out of office on and embrace the festivities, please get in touch for a confidential conversation– or 01455 559030.”